Schools and Youth Toolkit

This toolkit contains assets which help raise awareness of the nature all around us, tools to empower you and the people around you to take action and advocate for this year's Earth Hour and beyond!

The following assets can be found in the toolkit: 
1. Videos about nature
2. A series of webisodes 
3. A 30-day Earth month calendar
4. Wild Wisdom Quiz
5. Editable poster templates
6. Social media frames and printable Photo Booth props

Feel free to download the entire toolkit or specific assets which can be found below.


#Connect2Earth: Empowering our youth

"I was given nature" by Miel de Botton

Nature makes our life better by giving us good food, clean air, fresh water and so much more - but it is severely under threat. #Connect2Earth aims to engage the millions of youth around the world to speak up for nature and why #naturematters.

Miel de Botton's new song 'I Was Given Nature' illustrates the importance of nature to our well-being, health, and prosperity - most importantly, to our current and future generations. We are the first generation to know we are destroying our planet and the last one that can do anything about it. Let’s inspire and unite youths around the world to take action for our planet - the one home we share.




Wild Wisdom Quiz


Use this Quiz in your school to test your students or fellow peers on their knowledge about our planet and the amazing biodiversity it holds.



Use these videos to start nature-related conversations in your schools and share more about what you think about the topics raised in the webisodes.




Social Media Frames


Are you planning to hold your own Earth Hour events in school? Download and print the following social media frames as props to take photos with. 

Go a step further and share the photos and more about the Earth Hour movement on your own social media platforms.






Printable Photo Booth Props


Besides the social media frames, utilise these fun printable images as Photo Booth props for your Earth Hour activities in school.




Support the Earth Hour movement on your social media, and speak up on why nature matters!